A Hearty Welcome

You’ve landed at our online portfolio for Creativepowerhouse — a print, tv, and web content company whose primary focus is making your business look enticing to donors of all kinds, both corporate and individual. Our main focus for the past several years has been Christian nonprofits and television networks. If you are a prospective client and want to see our rates, click on the rate sheet where you’ll find a comprehensive list of options and prices to suit any budget. If you are here to look over our work, please scroll down and take a peek.

Thanks for stopping by to see us!

Megan Hoyt, CEO

chief decision maker, dog lover, and purveyor of high quality Ghirardelli cocoa!



2 thoughts on “A Hearty Welcome

  1. natasha omdahl May 4, 2015 — 7:42 am

    Hi Megan, I came across your name when you responded to a Charlotte Mason website, regarding homeschooling high school kids the CM way. I want to do that, but feel a bit anxious considering all that “normal” schools will expect and want you to follow a more traditional way. Can you give me a game plan at all – or explain how you did it? Thanks so much! Natasha

    1. creativepowerhouse May 13, 2015 — 9:03 am

      Hi Natasha! I just now saw your message, as I don’t check my freelance blog/website often. I am currently setting up a mentoring website, and I hope you’ll check it out once it’s fully functional. I’ve had several people ask for help, and while I know AO has loads of help available sometimes it’s nice to have one person guide you through the massive amount of information out there. Our homeschool journey has been amazing, and our kids so far have gotten into the colleges of their choice, which I honestly did not expect to happen, quite frankly! I was so afraid I wasn’t doing enough! Maybe I overdid it because of that concern? Not sure, but either way, we got our happy ending. Now to pay for it all is an entirely different story!

      Could you text me at 704-453-1408? Just say, hi, this is Natasha. Then I’ll have a way to send you the link to the new website. It should be up by Friday at the latest, I think. Meanwhile, my CM blog has loads of info on it. It’s for the seasoned CM-er, so I assume you have the basics down already. Check it out: thewindingascent.blogspot.com Thanks! And great to hear from a fellow sojourner! Speaking of sojourns, check out our retreats, too: http://www.prov-en-der.com .

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