The Christian Broadcasting Network and Operation Blessing

It was time. Time to stop sitting on the sidelines, time to step out of the shadows and prepare to do something more meaningful. To help people in desperate need. To fund services that would feed, clothe, and shelter orphans, to bring hope to families in dire need of clean water to drink — families with young children who are weak and sick from parasites and waterborne diseases.

It was time to take action. So I did. I began writing for CBN and Operation Blessing in 2002. They sent me monthly updates directly from the field, filled with all those misspellings that I would have made fun of if they had come from well-educated adults in America instead of broken, hurting people in places like drought-filled Africa who are just beginning to learn a little English. Just enough to let us know how grateful they are for food, shelter, clean water and a goat.

I did something to help these hurting families. And I’m glad I did. (Samples below — click to enlarge)

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